Itching to get on my bike…Literally! #cycling

I’m what you would call a “fair weather cyclist” but that beautiful sun tricked me today. I knew it was cold out so I went digging in my closet for what to wear to keep me cozy and I remembered them… my vintage Schoeller® skifans. They’re tight stretchy ski pants but would also work well for cycling I thought. They’re a blend of wool & other stuff so a little itchy but not too bad. Perfect! I slipped them on over my trusty Louis Garneau padded undergarment, a few layers on my upper body, my smart wool socks, a thin pair of gloves over my fingerless biking gloves and a scull cap under my helmet. I set out to do 17km but cut it short at 10km. The wind was brutal & my thumbs and toes were numbs but my trusty skifans delivered. I was so glad that I remembered I had these! Once home with my warm cup of coffee I did some digging on-line and found this info
Early Trendsetter

Technical progress makes numerous rationalization and automation measures possible. In the years after the Second World War, Schoeller grows at an above-average rate. Man-made fibers such as Nylon and Lycra make their way from the US to Europe. A new ere of modern clothing begins, Schoeller takes up this trend and develops elastic fabrics. The first stretch ski pants come into existence, heralding the end of the widely-used “scratchy” wool pants.

First trials with “modern” polyester fibers for wool/polyester fabrics.


Launch of the first elastic fabric for ski wear under the name “skifans” from today’s perspective the first soft shells.




What's your spin on this?

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