Social Media a boon for spreading a message of change #cycling #peoplecity

The explosion of social media has been a boon for people with a vision for change to spread their message.

I’m a cycling enthusiast living in Saint John, New Brunswick. In the past have felt frustrated with the barriers to enjoying my hobby and isolated from others who shared the same interests. You know that expression “there’s an app for that”?  I think the expression could also be “there’s a social networking site for that”. All one has to do is Google some key words to find an on-line network of people with a common interest. For example, there’s very cool on-line social network called Pedal Trout where I’ve found a community of cyclists in Atlantic Canada. Of course, then there’s the thousands of Blogs exploring every aspect of cycling from the technical to the psychological. I try to read a few every day. It feeds my passion even when I’m sitting at my desk watching the rain outside.

Today one of the Blogs that I read was by a friend, Jeff Roach [@jeffroach]. Jeff is a great supporter and promoter of Joe Godin [@godinsj] a local champion for better cycling infrastructure. These two guys are enthusiastic about the movement to promote active transportation in Saint John. Their enthusiasm is contagious and (as an added bonus) I don’t feel so alone anymore.

What's your spin on this?

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