Do you hear what I hear? #cycling


I wrote an earlier blog post about a bike ride last year where I was particularly aware of all the interesting smells along our route but today it was my sense of hearing that seemed to be in over-drive….

Our usual Saturday route includes riding through suburban, rural and urban/industrial areas which offer many different opportunities for “music” to the ear. This morning the suburban sounds included many that you would expect including lawn mowers, dogs barking (except for that sweet little dachshund that just sat quietly in his driveway and watched us go by), children jumping on a trampoline and people on the sidewalk saying “good morning” and “great day for a bike ride”. The rural areas that we bike through are always my favourite because I get to hear the sounds of nature more than anything else. Although one still has to be keenly aware of the sound of an occasional car approaching from behind, you get to hear wonderful things like the wind in the trees and birds chirping. Finally, the section of highway that makes up the last part of our route is kind of scary and the vehicular noise can be unpleasant….like the sounds of transport trucks whizzing by and car horns but today even this stretch of road offered some nicer sounds such as water rushing over the rocks in little makeshift waterfalls which had resulted from all the rain we’ve had recently.

What was the sweetest sounds that I heard today you may be wondering? It was the sound of my husband’s voice as we talked about parenting and travel and our health and life as we pedaled along…

What's your spin on this?

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