when the cat’s away…the mouse will play #cycling #quispam

I cheated on my husband tonight and boys is he going to be miffed when he gets home. BUT It’s not what you think..I went cycling with 24 other smart/fit/sexy/determined ladies. The Tuesday night ride organized by “Bikes & Beans” is dubbed the “Quick Chicks” and quick they are! Most were on road bikes which put me at a slight disadvantage (I ride a hybrid) but I did find that the hills and wind were the great equalizer. That being said, the overall pace was a few kilometres per hour faster than I’m used to and I’m going to feel it tomorrow. Rob and I are meticulous about tracking our mileage towards our BHAG and he’s not going to like that I’m 34.3 km closer than him…but I think he’ll forgive me!

*photo courtesy of Bikes & Beans. Not from tonight’s Cycle Chicks ride but you get the idea…


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