One NYC bridge after another after another #cycling #nyc

For our upcoming trip to NYC, we’ve once again engaged to take us on a cycling tour. We’re opted, this time, for the “Bridge Delight Tour”. Although this tour usually takes 8 hours we’ve asked them to condense it, for us, in to approx. 5 hours. (We learned last year that the pace was a very slow). They are more than happy to accomodate our small group (2 couples) albeit for a price. We have no problem paying a little extra to get the tour done in a time frame that suits us better. This leaves us more time for a lovely evening meal in one of NYC fabulous restaurants and after 5 hours of cycling we will have earned it!

*Photo taken on the Brooklyn Bridge in 2011


“BRIDGE DELIGHT TOUR – This tour is for those in good shape who are looking for a unique, faster paced, and challenging ride. Since each of the bridges has its own dedicated bike path, the challenge lies in the heights to scale. While not quite the Alps, it is nonetheless up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, as we go over four great bridges!” source:



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