2012 Cycling Goal Achieved

The sweet taste of success! My husband and I turned the odometer today on 2000 km year to date. This is even more remarkable because 1 year ago he was taking chemo drugs in preparation for a stem cell transplant. Our goal was to cycle 2,000 km in 2012 before Nov 3…the anniversary of his transplant. His re-birthday! 

Our stats year-to-date are posted below. Unfortunately, the calorie stat only applies to Rob. Although I biked the same distance I burned significantly fewer calories because I weigh significantly less. Oh well… I don’t do it for the calorie burn…I do it for the bragging rights!



2 thoughts on “2012 Cycling Goal Achieved

  1. Congratulations on achieving your goal. I fell just short of mine for 2012 which was 3000 miles.. ended up around 2800. Trying for 3000 again this year and hopefully with some good weather in the early months I’ll top the goal. Keep up the good work and ride on. Stay safe.

    • wow… very impressive! 3000 miles is almost twice what we do. We’re fair weather cyclists so if we get a lot of rainy weekends (or very windy) it really impacts our #’s. Here’s hoping for lots of sunshine in 2013!

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