rural road or highway…what’s your preference?

The routes in our area have their pros and cons. Which of these routes would appeal to you more?

1. Winding rural country road, rough patched pavement, narrow sandy shoulder, occasional traffic, big hills and great water views.Image

2. Wide shoulder highway, smooth pavement with some debris, heavy fast moving traffic, fewer hills.Image

We usually opt for the rural ride!

4 thoughts on “rural road or highway…what’s your preference?

  1. Out of these two options, I’d choose the first one, easy. The second one looks like a death zone–it looks like a highway! But I would consider the 2nd to be rural as well. Or at least not quite urban–suburban? Urban is more like riding in traffic, in a city

    • Hi Echo… your point is well taken! After reading it I decided to change the title to “rural road or highway”. We live in a fairly small town so none of the routes in our area can really be considered “urban” in the true sense of the word. We are very fortunate as cyclists that no matter where we go there’s not a lot of traffic. Even on the highway shown above, traffic is relatively light compared to a big city. We like long rides so usually avoid the “downtown” which is a lot of stop and go. That being said, we went to town Sunday to a beautiful farmer’s market for brunch! A lovely change of “pace”.

  2. I prefer forest roads because I love the scenery and running into the wildlife while riding. I only ride a mountain bike so it’s the closest to riding singletrack as I can during the week. All the nice mountain bike trails are too far away to make riding them a regular routine. If we’ve had a lot of rain and the forest roads are a muddy mess then I definitely opt for the rural roads. I’m just too paranoid to trust drivers to pay attention for me on a busy highway. Take care and ride safe.

What's your spin on this?

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