New bicycle handlebar mount – Testing tomorrow

Some of you may have read the review of a knock off handlebar mount that I purchased on ebay which failed on the second use. If not, you can find that post here. Hubby did repair the ebay mount but we quickly realized it doesn’t fit our new road bikes. 

The fall leaves are beautiful and I’m dying to take some still photos on our ride tomorrow . I find the chest mount a little cumbersome on the bike so I splurged on a genuine GoPro handlebar mount. The package is labelled Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount.  Stay tuned for a review of how it worked for us



4 thoughts on “New bicycle handlebar mount – Testing tomorrow

    • Hi Jean…not a big fan of the helmet mount for 3 reasons 1) unless your helmet is super tight the camera tends to vibrate 2) If you’re cycling in traffic and turning your head a lot to check both ways the video tends to look jerky 3) if you happen to get shots of your shadow you have a funny looking thing sticking out of your head. The chest mount is my favourite!

      • Interesting about the….chest mount. I’m not clear…

        My partner has and occasionally uses a helmet webcam. He’s a long-time cycling advocate and hence is often taking photos and videoclips of cycling infrastructure wherever he goes visit by bike out of town.

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