O Cannondale

This version of “O Christmas Tree” courtesy of my friend Shelley Wood. Not sure if she can take credit for the lyrics. If anyone knows the origin let me know…

NOTE: Stay tuned for the rebuttal… my own personal version of “Silent Night” 

O Cannondale, O Cannondale!
Your carbon frame is gleaming!
O Cannondale, O Cannondale,
Those new Ultegra parts are beaming!

We’ll ride outside when summer’s near,
Just need the cold to disappear!
O Cannondale, O Cannondale!
One hundred days ‘til spring time!

O Cannondale, O Cannondale,
Much pleasure do you bring me!
O Cannondale, O Cannondale,
Our indoor trainer time completes me!

Twelve hundred bucks to drop three pounds,
My love for you clearly abounds
O Cannondale, O Cannondale 
One hundred days ‘til spring time!

Bright lights, red tape, a red tire too
Festive bling for fat cat to chew …
O Cannondale, O Cannondale!
Best two-wheeled tree in history!

Photo courtesy of Shelley Wood


What's your spin on this?

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