Sesamoiditis & Cycling

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Sesamoiditis in my left foot. I was experiencing a dull pain in my big toe joint that would come and go. I knew right away that something was wrong and I’m not the type to ignore such things. I want to be active for, at least, the next 30 years… gotta take care of my body!

This is inflammation of the tendons in the ball of the foot under the big toe joint. This is a degenerative problem from years of use and abuse. Goodbye high heeled shoes!  I was fitted for custom orthotics which fit in my Shimano cycling shoes like a glove. They have a ridge just behind the ball of the foot (under the metatarsal bones) which takes the pressure off the ball of the foot. My particular orthotics also have a soft cushiony spot directly under my big toe joint. I’ve cycled with them a couple of times now and they seem to be be taking the pressure off.

I’m off to climb Mount Katahdin in Maine in less than 2 weeks and I was very worried that this was going to become a problem but I’m noticing the pain less and less. Wish me luck…


9 thoughts on “Sesamoiditis & Cycling

    • Thanks! This will be my 5th climb. Going down is actually harder than going up. Someone in our group always has problems (toes, knees, bonking etc…) I hope I’m not the weakest link this year!

  1. that’s interesting – that’s not something I have heard of before. I have had very similar symptoms and ditched the high heels (shame!). Now that I have started cycling again, I can’t be off with injuries!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree it’s a shame! I will miss those pretty shoes :-(. I found a couple of cute comfy ones called Volks Walkers. They’re German and the insoles are like walking on pillows. I just love them! My doctor said that I may eventually need my big toe joint replaced. Yikes! Operation would have to be in the late fall so as not to interfere with cycling!

  2. Hope your orthotics fix your problem! I managed to break a sesamoid bone in each foot from walking. Lots and lots of walking. I had orthotics, but it turns out they need to be checked for fit every few years (duh).

    • Thanks for reading & commenting. The doc who fitted me for orthotics suggested replacing them every two years. Your feet change and they do wear out if you use them a lot. They’re expensive but here in Canada our health insurance covers them. Yay!

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