VIDEO: Active Recovery Following Climb

Went out for an 11.4 km ride today. This was one of my shortest tides of the year. To be honest, I was nervous about even attempting it since I can barely walk up and down stairs following a Wednesday climb up Mt Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine. The ride went fairly well and was an important part of recovering.

If anyone’s interested in our climb, I’ve posted a 5 minute video which features the highlights. Make sure you turn up the volume. The soundtrack is called “Follow the Road” by Josh Woodward. Click on the image below to watch video>>>

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Active Recovery Following Climb

  1. Recovery rides are the perfect thing to loosen those legs – I like to ride immediately after I run (if I can). Doing so cuts the recovery down to hours rather than a day or two.

    • Hi Jim…i didn’t realize what a difference it could make. Next year we’re thinking of bringing our bikes with us. This year we spent the next day lazing around the cabin enjoying some R&R. A bike ride would have done a world of good!

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