Lack of energy on “energy tour”

This is a follow up to Monday’s post. Although it was a fantastic day and a great ride I was not in top form. The climbs and the wind bothered me more than usual. I was recently diagnosed with low iron and I’m thinking that may have been a contributing factor to my fatigue. Since being diagnosed, I’ve been eating more iron rich foods such as hemp hearts, smoked mussels & oysters and red meat. I’m also taking an iron supplement at bedtime with a glass of apple juice (the vitamin C is said to aid significantly in iron absorption). Unfortunately, from what I’ve read, it can take up to 8 weeks for my new habits to have an impact on my iron levels. To make matters worse, physical activity has been found to reduce iron levels in women so my cycling could be compounding the problem.

If anyone has any ideas or advice for me…please drop me a note in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “Lack of energy on “energy tour”

    • Thanks Jim…I think it will eventually get better if I work at it. I also give blood on a regular basis and this can cause low iron. The Canadian Blood Services has asked me not to give blood for 6 months. Amazing the impact low iron can have. Your hair falls out at a faster rate and you feel colder than usual. I’m very motivated to get it back to normal!

  1. Sure, I’ve been diagnosed low iron..had to take iron pills.

    Make sure you get lots of sleep, continue with well-balanced meals. I believe prunes, prune juice is supposed to be rich in iron. I didn’t significantly increase meat consumption. I only eat meat 3-4 times per month. Fine by me!

    How many km. are you cycling per wk.?

  2. By the way, I haven’t given blood in the last 20 years. I can’t; @98 lbs., 5’1″ @55 yrs. I’m not going to do anything just so I can donate my blood. So keep your blood…the older you get, it’s more valuable to yourself.

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