The winter cyclist

This Hour Has 22 Minutes uploaded a cute 50 second video which show the Canadian Winter Cyclist in its “natural habitat” (click image below). I have a lot of respect for the Winter Cyclist. My friend Holly often commutes to work in the ice & snow with studded tires. She’s a great story teller and cycling in the winter seems to provide her with excellent fodder! Not me…I’m lifting weights to stay in shape until St Paddy’s day at least!

winter cyclist


3 thoughts on “The winter cyclist

    • Hi Jean… This Hour Has 22 Minutes is political satire. The style of the video clip is “The “Hinterland Who’s Who” which is “best known as a series of 60-second public service announcements profiling Canadian animals, produced by Environment Canada Wildlife Service and the National Film Board of Canada in the 1960s and 70s.” (source: Wikipedia)

      In most parts of Canada, where there’s a lot of snow, motorists see cyclist as a distraction and hazard. The people who chose to bike in these conditions are seen as “zealots” and therefore fair game to be made fun of!

  1. Steff, I’m full blooded Canadian: I haven’t lived anywhere else for the last 56 yrs. of my life. My bio begins in About blog page. I grew up in southern Ontario for lst 40+ yrs. (biked and lived in Toronto for 14 yrs.) then lived and biked in Vancouver for 8 yrs. Now working, cycling (and recovering from a recent head injury) in Calgary for last 4.5 yrs. Um….have been a winter cyclist for last few years.

    I’ve enjoyed This Hr. Has 22 Min. for past 15 yrs. ..whenever I have access to a TV. Still didn’t find the video particularily funny even if gentle satire.

    Yup, Calgary gets some winter days -25 to -40 degrees C. I stop cycling at -25 degreesC. Right now, we’re in a very warm spell.

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