Bonjour mon amie

65 km cycling around Montreal, Quebec.

Montreal is a great cycling city! Lots of dedicated trails and well marked cycling routes throughout the city. Observation…most cyclist in this urban area don’t wear helmets. Yikes!

Soundtrack: Bonjour Mon Amie by Josh Woodward (album Sunny Side of the Street)
Licensed under Creative Commons


6 thoughts on “Bonjour mon amie

  1. I saw a guy out biking a few days ago biking out in the dark without a taillight or helmet and I felt like crossing the street to give him a taillight since I have extra, but I chickened out. I usually silently cheer in my head when I see others out on their bikes, but that guy just made me fear for his safety!

  2. Most cyclists who ride in Montreal are slow and don’t ride in a manner that makes a helmet a necessity. To each his or her own. I need my brain bucket. It’ll save my noodle one day.

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