New Clifton Royal Photo

I’ve added a new photo to the Clifton Royal Photo Project but after getting home I realized that all the other photos were taken “landscape” and my hubby snapped this one “portrait”.  I may have to switch it later in the year if/when I get a chance to retake it.

This is the 5th year in a row that I’ve taken a photo in the same spot (the key is to get the tree & the fence in the shot with river in the background). My original plan was to take a photo in this very spot, on my bike for the next 20+ years but I realized this past weekend that it will be more challenging than I thought. My husband and I purchased a lot in a town which is 129 km (80 miles) away from this spot. We plan to build a summer home and eventually retire there. Biking from our new home to this spot and back in one day is virtually impossible (particularly when we get in to our 60’s and 70’s… I’m turning 50 very soon!) so we would have to pack up the bikes and make a special trip to bike this route. I can see us doing this from time to time but life gets busy and it might not happen every summer so my questions is… Do I 1) pick a new spot closer to our new home and continue the project that way? or 2) make a effort/commitment to bike the Clifton Royal route at least once per year even after we move?

Would love to hear what you think. Want to see all five years so far? CLICK HERE


2 thoughts on “New Clifton Royal Photo

    • Thanks for weighing in on the question Jim! I’m leaning your way too but might have to re-evaluate some day in the future. The project is for fun so I don’t want it to become a “chore” or burden. That being said, it is a fantastic route so I think we would always be thankful that we made the effort every year for old times sake 😉

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