More Adventures in Montreal

This is the third year we’ve cycled in Montreal on the August long weekend. It’s no coincidence that it’s the same weekend as the Osheaga outdoor music festival which my teenage daughter likes to attend. We arrived Thursday evening. There was not enough daylight left for a ride but we enjoyed a nice walkabout, gourmet burger and refreshments.

Day 1 – 92 km. Our day included cycling on Ile-des-Soeurs and on the canal bike path. Unfortunately, at about the 50km point, I missed a sharp turn in the bike lane, lost control of my bike and fell. Luckily I had enough sense to lurch myself and my bike towards a grassy patch. I managed to avoid any scrapes to my upper body but suffered some minor road rash on my right shin. Nothing serious and bike was fine so we continued on to the St. Ambroise brewery to treat my wounds with coconut oil (applied externally) and apricot beer (applied internally). Pounding rain started shortly after we sat down at a sheltered table so we stayed a little longer than planned.

Day 2 – Rest day from cycling. Did lots of walking and took in Rib Fest down on the old port.

Day 3 – 169.92 km. Full day of biking with the achievement of our first ever 100 mile ride (161 km). We started by cycling to the east end of Montreal island. Got route advice along the way from a fellow cyclist, Malcolm McRae, who owns the Montreal Cycling Club website. Malcolm rode with us for a while which was nice! The rest of our day was spent mostly along the canal bike path with three loops along the south shore to get our mileage in. Although it was a windy day, Montreal is fairly flat so we had no difficulty hitting our goal. What a great day!

Insert motivational quote about falling down and getting back up again here 😉

THE MAP Note: We did the loop at the bottom of the map three times.

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