I just happened to have my photo taken two years in a row in this spot along on one of my favourite cycling routes (Clifton Royal, Kingston Peninsula, New Brunswick). The two photos gave me an idea…. I’m going to have my photo taken in this same spot once a year for as long as I can and post them here. I hope I can continue to project for 20-30 years!

The photos start in 2013 when I was 45 years old.

2018 – Age 50 (6th year)

2017 – Age 49 (5th)

clifton 2016

2016 – Age 48 (4th year)

gas station hill year 3

2015 – Age 47 (3rd year)

clifton Royal 2014

2014 – Age 46 (2nd year)

clifton royal 2013

2013 – Age 45 (1st year)



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