More Adventures in Montreal

This is the third year we’ve cycled in Montreal on the August long weekend. It’s no coincidence that it’s the same weekend as the Osheaga outdoor music festival which my teenage daughter likes to attend. We arrived Thursday evening. There was not enough daylight left for a ride but we enjoyed a nice walkabout, gourmet burger and refreshments.

Day 1 – 92 km. Our day included cycling on Ile-des-Soeurs and on the canal bike path. Unfortunately, at about the 50km point, I missed a sharp turn in the bike lane, lost control of my bike and fell. Luckily I had Continue reading


Giant Night

Giant night, roly night!
All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon cyclist, women with smile
Holy chick so slender and riled,
Ride in safety and peace,
Ride in safety and peace

Giant night, roly night!
Cannodales quake at the sight.
Glorious streamers from ha-an-dle bars fly
Heavenly buns sing Alleluia,
A Giant fanatic is born!
A Giant fanatic is born!

Giant night, roly night!
Gift of God. You’re sure light.
Environmentally green you help set the pace
At early dawn or in evening you race,
You help me reduce my girth!
You help me reduce my girth!

Not exactly what I was looking for but click here to see the “Giant” bicycle Christmas tree.

A review of “SPIN” by Evalyn Parry

Just got home from the Imperial Theatre where I attended a performance of “SPIN” by Canadian artist Evalyn Perry.  Evalyn is at once singer, musician, poet, story teller as well as gay and women’s rights activist. The entire performance features the bicycle. During the show, a vintage bicycle is masterfully turned percussion instrument to accompany her.

The highlight of the show is the story of Annie Londonderry who in 1894, at the age of 23, rode her a bicycle around the world. An amazing story made more amazing by the fact that so few people have ever heard it.

Perry has a beautiful voice! Her lyrics are clever but also carry a powerful message about the bicycle as a vehicle of freedom and change!