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The forecast looked promising for today but turned out to be full of empty promises. The sun never really made an appearance other than for a brief moment. When the temps drop, even with several layers: balaclava, full finger gloves and shoe covers… the cold bites…literally and figuratively! 

Despite the weather, we persevered. It was a milestone day with hubby reaching 3,000 km. While trying to distract myself from my numb fingers I got to thinking about songs that would be appropriate for the circumstance. The route is beautiful along the winding Kennebecasis River and the song “Just Around The Riverbend” from Pocahontas came to mind but the one that really stuck in my mind was Barney’s “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me”. Sadly, begging for sun didn’t work!

Link to JUST AROUND THE RIVERBEND from Pocahontas

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First Kingston Market Run of the Season

63.4 km – 5 degrees, 30 km/h winds, little bit of rain and Rob got a flat tire for good measure. Good times! 

NOTE: bacon & eggs tastes better after a long, cold, windy ride and a hot shower feels amazing!


Not a great spring for cycling so far…

The sun fooled us again! We went out cycling after work today but the cold and wind were raw so we cut our ride short. We’re already starting to feel the pressure of our 2,000 km goal. Last spring was beautiful and we got a great jump on thing early.

We know people who cycle all winter. Let me tell you, in Atlantic Canada, that is no small feat…cold feet yes…small feat…no! I hate to be a whiner but the truth is we have a narrow band of comfort…not too hot…not too cold…that’s how we like it. Oh…and no wind please.


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I’m folding even before the cards are dealt #30daysofbiking

Rain…rain…rain… that’s what’s in the forecast. I signed up for 30 days of biking as a fun thing to do but I’m already dreading it so I’ve decided to set a different goal for myself. Instead of 30 days it’s 200 km for me in April. Fine…call me a wimp! I can take it. (I just can’t take the rain and the cold…)