Gopro caught him stealing a kiss!

I entered the BIKE FOR BREATH Facebook photo contest. My photo is called “Gopro caught him stealing a kiss”. If you’d like to vote for my pic and help me win a cool jersey that would be awesome!


He won the weather contest.

If you checked out my last blog entry you would know that hubby and I were having a friendly little debate over which on-line weather forecast is most reliable. I was on team Accuweather and he was on team The Weather Network.

Yesterday was beautiful! The Weather Network predicted it first! They were pretty much bang on 7 days out. Pretty impressive! I realize that this is just one data point and that statistically it doesn’t prove anything but I’ll give him bragging rights all the same and maybe start checking The Weather Network more often (as long as they’re predicting nice weather!)


I entered the “Give us a Sign” Contest!

I’m no graphic artist but I thought “what the hell” my chances of winning this are better than the lottery (especially since I don’t buy tickets). Plus my hopes were buoyed by my recent 2nd place win in a recent local recipe contest.

Uptown Saint John is looking for help in designing signage for the new “Campus Harbour Connection” bike route! They are looking for a picture or symbol that can go on the bike route sign. Have you seen the stylized “Q” that they use in Quispamsis? Well…something along those lines but that represents the route name “Campus Harbour Connection” and that will fit on a 450mm x 450mm square graphic sign to be used to identify the new bike route which is to run from Harbour Passage to the Saint John Regional Hospital/ UNBSJ plateau.

First prize is a $250 gift certificate from Bike Works. I could sure put that to good use! The contest closes May 17th.

Click HERE to see the contest poster