“she rides” update

I’m so pleased! I got an email back from Canadian artist Evalyn Parry giving me permission to use her song as the soundtrack to my video. I’ve been recording rides and editing out the best shots for my compilation. I have 1 minute and 49 seconds so far.

I’m a little sad that I don’t have any footage from our recent 100 km ride but the GoPro battery only lasts so long and once it ran out it would be dead weight. I didn’t want to carry any more weight than I had to up and down those hilly Peninsula roads. Yes, the camera is tiny but the entire kits adds up i.e. camera + housing + chest trap + mount + pivot arms. I’ll stick to filming shorter jaunts.


The “she rides” project.

I’m putting together a cycling video called “she rides” which will be made up a various clips from my 2,000 km of cycling this summer. I’m working on getting some interesting footage with different angle and viewpoint. I’m hoping to use the song “she rides” by Evalyn Parry as the soundtrack. I’ve sent Evalyn an email asking for permission to use the song but I have yet to hear back. Stay tuned for more on the “she rides” project…