Resting Heart Rate

Living in Atlantic Canada does not allow us to cycle year ’round and we don’t really have a winter sport that we enjoy doing together (other than walking to the pub all bundled up) so we tend to spend the dead of winter in front of the roaring woodstove with a glass of wine in hand and a Netflix marathon on the TV. It’s not ideal… We gain a little weight, lose some muscle mass and notice a decline in our cardio fitness. We are not the kind to measured these things closely but our pants are a little tighter and we get a little more winded during our winter outings. That being said, my fitbit does provide this insight. A fairly steady decline in resting heart rate between January and July. I feel good and my pants fit a little better.

In or out?

A local trail shop posted a short video on their Facebook page recently which really made an impression on me! It’s a video/advertisement created by Merrel which contrasts climbing a real mountain with simulating a climb on a stair master. The video is well done and really make me wonder why anyone would chose to workout inside when they could be outside communing with nature. I realize that going outside has it’s challenges i.e. inclement weather, a greater element of risk (think cycling in traffic versus spin class), sun exposure, bugs… but I gladly put up with all that to ride by sparking rivers/lakes/oceans, majestic trees and breathtaking views.


First ride of the season & earworms

Got out for our first ride on this beautiful Easter weekend. We logged 21 km which is just over 1% of our 2,000 km goal for the year. To put it another way… we only have to bike that same distance another 99 times to have surpassed our goal. As we were biking along, the song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” popped in to my head and annoyingly stayed there for the rest of the ride. I heard recently on the radio that the¬†phenomena¬†has a name, it’s called an earworm. According to the story the best way to get rid of an earworm is to do a word puzzle. Let’s first see if writing a blog post can cure me…


getting dark earlier at night…be seen and stay safe #iondesigns #cycling

I purchased these cool iron on decals recently at the Kingston Farmers Market. Made in Quispamsis N.B. by a local entrepeneur who saw a need and filled it! They’re call ion designs.

It’s starting to get dark early. Be seen and stay safe! Great for kid’s backpacks, pet clothing and of course…running, walking and cycling gear! BUY LOCAL

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