unseasonably warm

Looks like Mother Nature has an early Christmas gift for us this weekend… “warmish” temps wrapped up with a big sunshiny bow! I’m really looking forward to one more weekend of cycling before the temperatures plummet. This will likely be the end of cycling season for 2013. Will I make it to 3,000 km? stay tuned to find out.

nov 15th

Which forecast is the most accurate?

My husband and I have an ongoing debate over which weather web site is the most accurate. I like Accuweather because I like the way the information is presented and I want to believe that they’re right (especially when they’re calling for nice weather). My husband likes The Weather Network because it’s Canadian so he believes that gives them an edge on predicting our weather.

Next Saturday (November 2nd) the two forecasts are very different:

Accuweather says “windy and rainy” with a high of 13 degree celcius. Winds from the north at  29 km/h with gusts to 69 km/h. Precipitation 24 mm

Accuweather's forecast for Nov 2, 2013

Accuweather’s forecast for Nov 2, 2013

The Weather Network says “variable cloudiness” with a high of 14 degrees celcius. winds south west 15 km/h. Precipitation < 1 mm

Weather Network's forecast for Nov 2, 2013

Weather Network’s forecast for Nov 2, 2013

Which one is closer to being right? Come back next Saturday to find out…

P.S. This is one of those rare occasions when I hope he’s right. His forecast is much better!

Long Reach is in the short term!

The day we’ve been waiting for! A great forecast for tomorrow means a 92 km trek across the Peninsula. Our ride will include 2 ferries (the Romeo & Juliet and the Westfield Ferry). The route also includes breakfast at the Kingston market around 9:30 a.m. and an ice cream cone at the Grand Bay Pumpkin Patch around noon.

The weather has been so cold that we have yet to put out our patio furniture which mean we might have to have our “ride ending” honey brown sitting in the front yard Adirondacks.


not a ray of sunshine in sight #cycling #forecast #weather

This weather is enough to dampen (pun intended) the will of the most die hard outdoor enthusiast!! It’s cold…it’s rainy…it’s windy! Gusts up to 50 km/h today. Who doesn’t just want to go home and curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. It’s not only psychological…it’s physical. According to what I’ve read, lack of Vitamin D “the sunshine vitamin” has been linked to depression. I don’t have any hard and fast clinical data to back up the claim… all I know is that I find this forecast very depressing!