Bonjour mon amie

65 km cycling around Montreal, Quebec.

Montreal is a great cycling city! Lots of dedicated trails and well marked cycling routes throughout the city. Observation…most cyclist in this urban area don’t wear helmets. Yikes!

Soundtrack: Bonjour Mon Amie by Josh Woodward (album Sunny Side of the Street)
Licensed under Creative Commons

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Check out video by clicking on image above or click HERE

VIDEO: 61 km cycling around Manhattan

*** sorry link to video was previously broken…fixed now! ***

Bike rental $35 per day, Cerveza Negra Modelo at that little Mexican patio $7, day spent cycling around NYC… priceless!

Click on the image below to view a 3 1/2 minute video of day touring Manhattan.

Soundtrack: 20/20 by Josh Woodward. Licensed Under Creative Common

cycling around Manhattan

VIDEO: Active Recovery Following Climb

Went out for an 11.4 km ride today. This was one of my shortest tides of the year. To be honest, I was nervous about even attempting it since I can barely walk up and down stairs following a Wednesday climb up Mt Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine. The ride went fairly well and was an important part of recovering.

If anyone’s interested in our climb, I’ve posted a 5 minute video which features the highlights. Make sure you turn up the volume. The soundtrack is called “Follow the Road” by Josh Woodward. Click on the image below to watch video>>>

katahdin climb screenshot

VIDEO: Sensational Park & Soul Tour NYC

We got our 3 teenagers to put down their cell phones & tablets and experience some of NYC by bicycle. Living life in “Airplane Mode”… Check it out

  • Tour provided by “Bike the Big Apple”.
  • Tour name: Sensational Park & Soul Tour (Sundays)
  • Tour guide: Manny
  • Soundtrack: “Airplane Mode” by Josh Woodward