40 km in New York City

Got up early one morning on our vacation and rented hybrids near Central Park. We headed straight towards the waterfront. The rush hour traffic was heavy while trying to navigate the New York streets but the worst part was the pedestrians… they were crossing against the lights, walking and/or standing in the bike lanes. It was brutal!  Once on the dedicated bikes lanes it was smooth sailing. Could have biked longer but had to meet up with our friends for lunch in Chinatown at the Deluxe Green Bo. Soup dumplings! Yum!

VIDEO: Sensational Park & Soul Tour NYC

We got our 3 teenagers to put down their cell phones & tablets and experience some of NYC by bicycle. Living life in “Airplane Mode”

  • Tour provided by “Bike the Big Apple”.
  • Tour name: Sensational Park & Soul Tour (Sundays)
  • Tour guide: Manny
  • Soundtrack: “Airplane Mode” by Josh Woodward