Peninsula Princess

After a lovely 30 km early morning ride, we arrived at the Kingston Market at the peak of rush hour to find the line up for breakfast too long. We like to do breakfast inside the market because A) we can get out of the sun and B) we know that the familiar meal of coffee, bacon & eggs, toast and hash browns sits well on the second leg of our 100 km journey.

We were lucky enough to score one of the only shady picnic tables outside and decided to go with a non-traditional Korean brunch of Daeji bulgogi (marinated pork), Japchae (sweet potato noodles) and Pajun (vegetable pancake). The food was delicious and we didn’t eat too much! We finished our coffee while people-watching and enjoying the country crooning of a local artist.

I also picked up a hops rhizome to plant in my herb garden at home. The small root section packaged in a little plastic bag fit nicely in the rear pocket of my jersey. They claim it will grow an average of 20′ per year and make a nice vine. I will report back on that…

peninsula princess  100 km hampton route
Peninsula Princess Ferry & 100 km Route Map

5 Ferries and a Covered Bridge

115.09 km cycled today. A new personal record and enough to blow away our goal of 2,000 km for the year. New YTD total 2087.7 km. and lots of great cycling weather yet to come.

Map of route taken today and highlights along the way.


Long Reach is in the short term!

The day we’ve been waiting for! A great forecast for tomorrow means a 92 km trek across the Peninsula. Our ride will include 2 ferries (the Romeo & Juliet and the Westfield Ferry). The route also includes breakfast at the Kingston market around 9:30 a.m. and an ice cream cone at the Grand Bay Pumpkin Patch around noon.

The weather has been so cold that we have yet to put out our patio furniture which mean we might have to have our “ride ending” honey brown sitting in the front yard Adirondacks.