Clifton Royal 2016

4 years ago I started the Clifton Royal Photo Project. The spot is at the end of a long ascent and affords a beautiful view of the Kennebecassis River. There’s also a horse that lives on this property. It’s a great spot to catch your breath, rehydrate and look around.  Here’s this year’s photo…

Looking at the photos I made a few observations. 1) The tree to my right is in every photo 2) My Monton “Cat” jersey is at least 4 years old & 3) I look slimmer in blue 😉 You can see all 4 years HERE

clifton 2016

Clifton Royal, New Brunswick, Canada

The “she rides” project.

I’m putting together a cycling video called “she rides” which will be made up a various clips from my 2,000 km of cycling this summer. I’m working on getting some interesting footage with different angle and viewpoint. I’m hoping to use the song “she rides” by Evalyn Parry as the soundtrack. I’ve sent Evalyn an email asking for permission to use the song but I have yet to hear back. Stay tuned for more on the “she rides” project…