Broken Gear Cable

Out for a 50 km ride late afternoon. Broke the rear gear cable on my road bike about 10 km from home. Only 10 minutes from closing time at our local bike shop… no time to ride across town to get it fixed.

Our community had been working hard to promote cycling in our region and lobby for better cycling infrastructure & bike safety. Our brand new Mayor (Don Darling) is participating in a group ride tomorrow morning at 10 am. I guess I’ll have to take Molly for tomorrow’s ride. If you don’t know what a “molly” is, it’s the hybrid offspring of a female horse (mare) and a male donkey (jack)

I’ll have the gopro for the Mayor’s ride tomorrow…. stay tuned….

60 km in 142 seconds

Sitting at my desk dreaming of warmer days like this one when we rode along the beautiful Kennebecasis River. Much of the footage is from the Kingston Peninsula but also takes you through Quispamsis, Rothesay and Saint John.

NOTE: This short video was complied using GoPro time lapse photos (every 30 seconds). I slowed down the shots where we are cycling at a slower pace or stopped.


New bicycle handlebar mount – Testing tomorrow

Some of you may have read the review of a knock off handlebar mount that I purchased on ebay which failed on the second use. If not, you can find that post here. Hubby did repair the ebay mount but we quickly realized it doesn’t fit our new road bikes. 

The fall leaves are beautiful and I’m dying to take some still photos on our ride tomorrow . I find the chest mount a little cumbersome on the bike so I splurged on a genuine GoPro handlebar mount. The package is labelled Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount.  Stay tuned for a review of how it worked for us



New bike!

I’ve always ridden a hybrid but recently my husband and I have been thinking about upgrading to road bikes. The type of riding we’ve been doing most recently (longer and faster) certainly lends itself to better and lighter bicycles. So we did it!

On Friday we hit the bike sale a Bike Works and splurged on two carbon composite road bikes. Mine is the Giant “Avail” Composite 3 and his the Giant “Defy” Composite 3. We took them out for their inaugural ride to the Kingston Market and we shaved approx 15 minutes off our normal time. They fly!


I’m a card carrying member of the Saint John Cycling Club!

I attended my first Saint John Cycling Club meeting last night and I paid the requested $10 to be a member. About 20 people attended the meeting at the Lily Lake interpretation Centre. The weather was dreary so that probably helped with the attendance a bit. We’ve had so few nice evenings that the diehards would have otherwise been out on the roads/trails.

The club was started in 2011 and is a registered non-profit organization with the goal of supporting growth of all aspects of cycling in Saint John and surrounding communities. According to the SJC website “We are a club open to anyone in the Saint John area who cycles, or would like to be involved in cycling. This includes all types of cycling, at all levels, anywhere in Saint John and its surrounding communities.”

From what I heard last night, I have a feeling that a large portion of the active membership is involved in “cross country” cycling… i.e. navigating roots and rocks as well as building and maintaining trails (as opposed to the road biking/touring that my husband and I do). That being said, they do advocate for better road conditions, dedicated bike lanes and signage which we would certainly benefit from. I was happy to contribute my $10. Technically, there’s no membership card but still…membership has it’s privileges…free water and cinnamon rolls!


Road Hazards #cycling #peoplecity

Whenever I go cycling in and around my community I risk my life. This may seem overly dramatic but, honestly, with the pot holes, cracked pavement, narrow street (edged with sand/rubble/broken glass and other debris), busy intersections, distracted motorists… it’s a dangerous way to stay fit. To stay safe one must stay alert and confident…take the road when necessary, “act” like a car and use hand signals. After a ride, when I get close to home and know that I’ve successfully navigated that last tricky intersection, I breath a sign of relief…made it!