Mayor’s Ride 2016

Our community has a brand new mayor. He’s young, energetic and he cycles! The local cycling club thought it would be a great idea to get area cyclists together for a ride with the mayor to discuss cycling infrastructure & safety and to show our new mayor that there is a growing culture of cycling in Saint John.

Here are video highlights from today’s ride. SOUNDTRACK: “Who We Are” by The Candles

The Inside Ride in support of kids with cancer

Cancer is a subject that is near and dear to my heart! My husband is a Leukemia survivor!

That is why I’m doing the Inside Ride this Saturday. It’s a fantastic high energy fundraising event that is memorable and meaningful.

One in every 330 kids gets cancer in Canada. 100% of the receipted donations from this event help childhood cancer charities and the 10,000 kids living with cancer across Canada.

Just $5 or $10 would make a huge difference! Please sponsor me!

You can help us make a meaningful difference for kids with cancer. Please make a secured online tax receiptable donation now using PayPal or your credit card at the link below:



New Stretch Goal…2,500 km

It’s only the second week of September and we’ve already surpassed the mileage goal we had set for ourselves.  Until recently, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a stretch goal but I’ve come to realize that a goal should be difficult to reach. Despite the fact that the weather is getting cooler and it’s getting dark earlier, we should be able to get lots of great cycling in this fall so bring it on!


The goal is in sight!

Hubby’s employer is having a family picnic tomorrow complete with barbecue and bouncy castles. Our kids are too old for such nonsense so we’ve decide that it’s a perfect opportunity to best our previous cycling record. The ride is 110 km return (if we survive it). The wind is not reported to be in our favour…. 30 km per hour with gust to 50 km per hour. Ouch!

The ride includes our usual Saturday stopover at the Kingston Farmer’s Market for breakfast. Kingston is at the 30 km mark so breakfast will be extra sweet tomorrow as I will have passed the 2,000 km mark for the year.


Happy Canada Day!

Went out for a cheap 50 km (not a lot of hills) with a stop on the Saint John waterfront for some hydration. Took advantage of some of the new dedicated bike lanes in and around Saint John. Saw some dear friends, heard some great bands and enjoyed the day…even had a quick chat with mayor Mel!


mileage back on track

We’re back on track to reach our cycling goal (despite the dreadful weather!). 500 km on the odometer with another 1500 km to go. Provided that the summer brings us A) fine weather and B) no illness or injury we should reach 2000 km easily. That being said July, August and September are the big months. We will have to average 100 km per week for the next 12 weeks to stay on target. 


coffee, carbs and clicks…

Sometimes a little “hair of the dog that bit you” is just what is called for. After a 100 km ride yesterday it was tempting to indulge in some well deserved R&R today. Instead we got back on the bikes and headed uptown to the Queen Square Farmer’s Market for breakfast. The light fog was a welcome relief from yesterday’s scorcher. We enjoyed some Java Moose coffee and wood fired pizza. We also enjoyed chatting with some old friends, colleagues and acquaintances. It was just what the doctor ordered…coffee, carbs and a few kilometers to loosen up those sore muscles.


Long Reach is in the short term!

The day we’ve been waiting for! A great forecast for tomorrow means a 92 km trek across the Peninsula. Our ride will include 2 ferries (the Romeo & Juliet and the Westfield Ferry). The route also includes breakfast at the Kingston market around 9:30 a.m. and an ice cream cone at the Grand Bay Pumpkin Patch around noon.

The weather has been so cold that we have yet to put out our patio furniture which mean we might have to have our “ride ending” honey brown sitting in the front yard Adirondacks.


I entered the “Give us a Sign” Contest!

I’m no graphic artist but I thought “what the hell” my chances of winning this are better than the lottery (especially since I don’t buy tickets). Plus my hopes were buoyed by my recent 2nd place win in a recent local recipe contest.

Uptown Saint John is looking for help in designing signage for the new “Campus Harbour Connection” bike route! They are looking for a picture or symbol that can go on the bike route sign. Have you seen the stylized “Q” that they use in Quispamsis? Well…something along those lines but that represents the route name “Campus Harbour Connection” and that will fit on a 450mm x 450mm square graphic sign to be used to identify the new bike route which is to run from Harbour Passage to the Saint John Regional Hospital/ UNBSJ plateau.

First prize is a $250 gift certificate from Bike Works. I could sure put that to good use! The contest closes May 17th.

Click HERE to see the contest poster


I’m a card carrying member of the Saint John Cycling Club!

I attended my first Saint John Cycling Club meeting last night and I paid the requested $10 to be a member. About 20 people attended the meeting at the Lily Lake interpretation Centre. The weather was dreary so that probably helped with the attendance a bit. We’ve had so few nice evenings that the diehards would have otherwise been out on the roads/trails.

The club was started in 2011 and is a registered non-profit organization with the goal of supporting growth of all aspects of cycling in Saint John and surrounding communities. According to the SJC website “We are a club open to anyone in the Saint John area who cycles, or would like to be involved in cycling. This includes all types of cycling, at all levels, anywhere in Saint John and its surrounding communities.”

From what I heard last night, I have a feeling that a large portion of the active membership is involved in “cross country” cycling… i.e. navigating roots and rocks as well as building and maintaining trails (as opposed to the road biking/touring that my husband and I do). That being said, they do advocate for better road conditions, dedicated bike lanes and signage which we would certainly benefit from. I was happy to contribute my $10. Technically, there’s no membership card but still…membership has it’s privileges…free water and cinnamon rolls!