Giant Night

Giant night, roly night!
All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon cyclist, women with smile
Holy chick so slender and riled,
Ride in safety and peace,
Ride in safety and peace

Giant night, roly night!
Cannodales quake at the sight.
Glorious streamers from ha-an-dle bars fly
Heavenly buns sing Alleluia,
A Giant fanatic is born!
A Giant fanatic is born!

Giant night, roly night!
Gift of God. You’re sure light.
Environmentally green you help set the pace
At early dawn or in evening you race,
You help me reduce my girth!
You help me reduce my girth!

Not exactly what I was looking for but click here to see the “Giant” bicycle Christmas tree.


First ride of the season & earworms

Got out for our first ride on this beautiful Easter weekend. We logged 21 km which is just over 1% of our 2,000 km goal for the year. To put it another way… we only have to bike that same distance another 99 times to have surpassed our goal. As we were biking along, the song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” popped in to my head and annoyingly stayed there for the rest of the ride. I heard recently on the radio that the phenomena has a name, it’s called an earworm. According to the story the best way to get rid of an earworm is to do a word puzzle. Let’s first see if writing a blog post can cure me…