Odometer still 0!

not my photo but you get the idea!

Yikes! We are getting off to a slow start this year. The spring has been cold, wet and windy. It was an icy winter which meant a lot of sand was spread on the roads and the bike lanes are still full of grit. To make matters worse, our road bikes have been in the shop for weeks. They both have more than 10,000 km on them and our bike mechanic informed us they needed some significant maintenance. When he quoted us $600 per bike, we considered just getting new ones but to replace the one we have now we’d be looking at $2500 each so we said “fix em!” I know this all sounds like a bunch of lame excuses for not riding and you are probably right. Hoping for a nice weekend to break the dry spell!

tuned up & waiting patiently

Saint John, New Brunswick has received record snow fall this winter and the snow banks are still over my head in many places. If you have not seen this in the news just google images of  “snow saint john new brunswick 2015” to get a sense of it. The total snow fall is well over 400 cm (over 15 feet!) breaking a 52 year record. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/saint-john-smashes-52-year-old-snowfall-record-1.3001318

bike tuned up

Being the eternal optimist that I am, I took the bike in for it’s spring tune up. Come on spring!

Not a great spring for cycling so far…

The sun fooled us again! We went out cycling after work today but the cold and wind were raw so we cut our ride short. We’re already starting to feel the pressure of our 2,000 km goal. Last spring was beautiful and we got a great jump on thing early.

We know people who cycle all winter. Let me tell you, in Atlantic Canada, that is no small feat…cold feet yes…small feat…no! I hate to be a whiner but the truth is we have a narrow band of comfort…not too hot…not too cold…that’s how we like it. Oh…and no wind please.


Photo source: http://cyclingwithserendipity.blogspot.ca/2012/02/land-of-wind-and-land-of-fire-patagonia.html