Welcome 2015

Stats are all set to zero…ready for another great year of riding!


World Record Climb!

…if you believe my Garmin that is. Something was wonky with the satellites today. My ride stats show a 10,000 + metre elevation gain over a 50 km ride. It’s a ride that we’ve done many times before and the actual elevation gain is around 350 metres. It’s a little hilly but it’s not Everest hilly!


As luck would have it…

Mother nature was on our side today. Got out for our second annual St Patrick’s Day ride. Covered 10.4 km. My husband bought a new Garmin Edge 200 GPS so we had fun looking at our stats when we got home. It tracks everything and gives a very cool map of route and elevation. Neat!

We’ve plugged our 2012 goal in to Garmin as well… 2000 km! We’re 0.5% there already!