Flat tires

Hubby and I have had some experience with flat bike tires over the years. We always did our best to prevent them; we kept our tires well inflated, we invested in Kevlar liners & we avoided pot holes/road hazards/sharp rocks as best we could but alas… we were plagued with, what seemed like, more than our fair share. Especially this summer! BUT then something changes…We purchased new road bikes with flat prevention technology built in. They’re made by Giant and have “Flat Guard” (trade mark). We had our first flat on the new tires today…after 1,400 km (total combined for both bikes). It seemed to us that a reasonable amount of time/mileage had passed and that the flat guard technology was working. Coincidentally, just the day before, I mentioned to Rob that we hadn’t yet had a flat with the new bikes. Oops…jinxed it!


Patching the tube!