A revolutionary idea… Protected Intersections For Bicyclists

Check out this video which proposes a design for safe urban bicycle infrastructure. What a wonderful world it would be!



rural road or highway…what’s your preference?

The routes in our area have their pros and cons. Which of these routes would appeal to you more?

1. Winding rural country road, rough patched pavement, narrow sandy shoulder, occasional traffic, big hills and great water views.Image

2. Wide shoulder highway, smooth pavement with some debris, heavy fast moving traffic, fewer hills.Image

We usually opt for the rural ride!

Road Hazards #cycling #peoplecity

Whenever I go cycling in and around my community I risk my life. This may seem overly dramatic but, honestly, with the pot holes, cracked pavement, narrow street (edged with sand/rubble/broken glass and other debris), busy intersections, distracted motorists… it’s a dangerous way to stay fit. To stay safe one must stay alert and confident…take the road when necessary, “act” like a car and use hand signals. After a ride, when I get close to home and know that I’ve successfully navigated that last tricky intersection, I breath a sign of relief…made it!